Tutorial Step by Step:

Sea Storm with Atelier Interactive Acrylics- Impasto technique

Step 1

Using Gesso and modeling compound first sculpt the composition using a pallet knife. Allow to completely dry and then start painting the light in the sky using Titanium Peal white and blending into this naples yellow, jaune brilliant and crimson.

Step 2

Develop the rest of sky area by laying down titanium pearl white and then blending in pacific blue, cerulean blue and in darker areas blue-black (indigo) you may have to heep paint active by using water in atomiser spray throughout this working of the sky.

Step 3

You can now start to paint the sea area developing the lighter tones of the distance and bringing in raw sienna along with the already used sky colours.

Step 4

Further painting of the wave is achieved by introducing cobolt blue and burnt umber along with other previous used colours to strengthen the dark undertow of the wave. The deep sea green is a created by blending of the cobolt and raw sienna and the cobolt and burnt umber stright onto the canvas. There is no pre mixing on the pallet..

Step 5

The foreground needs the deepest colours and this is created by introducing the indigo alongside and blending with the burnt umber. On the left side of the wave the light from the sky is retained and a touch of crimson is blended into titanium peal white to keep the movement of the wave and bring it forward to the viewer.

Step 6

Here we see me painting the left side with long flowing brush strokes whilst keeping the paint active by constantly using the atomiser spray.

Step 7

The final darker tones are painted and then the highlights on the surface are applied by catching the top of the raised areas of the Impasto modeling paste. This is achieved using a long flat acrylic brush with paint sparingly dragged onto one side of it and then the brush dragged carefully accross the raised surface. In various areas Titanium white, naples yellow and jaune brilliant where used as needed.

Step 8

The ghosted impressions of yatchs riding out the storm are painted to complete the work giving a scale and depth to a 1m square acrylic painting on canvas.